Kurtis Reardan injures right knee at
Schoolboy National Duals

Indianapolis June 10, 2006


Truly an unfortunate, accidental injury from his opponent falling on first his foot to pin it to the mat, then the rest of this weight landing on the back of Kurtis calf as he was turning into him to complete the takedown.  Video may be posted later.  Injury was a high level (grade 3) tear of the MCL, a sprain of the medial meniscus ligament, consistent with patella dislocation resulting in an osteochodral fragment fracture.


Repair was performed by Dr. Brad Nelson MD of the Tria Orthpedic in Edina MN operating clinic (day surgery) with Dr. Dean Taylor assisting and anesthesia by John Joseph MD of Christmas lake performed on Tuesday June 20, 2006 from 7:30 AM until 9:30 AM.



Third is the repair with the screw in place to hold the rather large bone fragment in place with two views.  On the right you can see the screw holding this autologous bone graft in place (38kb).


Four X-rays views of the knee with pin installed following surgical repair


First set of pictures are the arthoscopy showing 2nd from top on left the area of blood clot from where the fragment was dislodged (119kb).


Second set are some arthroscopy, followed by full open knee and patella.  The bottom right shows the fragment with a pin holding it in place (141kb).


Video of the surgery

1-Arthoscopy #1 (8.7MB)

2-Arthroscopy #2 (8.9MB)

3-Surgical open knee clean of patella clot prior
to bone graft replacement (17.6MB)


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